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An Orientation for Patients to NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR)

About This Video:

Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND provides a simple, but in-depth and essential, overview of her own story and how she ended up as a naturopathic doctor specializing in NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR), the mechanics of the structure of the skull, the fluid dynamics of the brain and spine, the NCR treatment procedure and the ways that NCR can help patients heal.


PEMF Technology: The MRS-2000

About This Video:

Dr. Hillary and Ted Kneff of Edmonds Wellness (WA) review the MRS-2000 - a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) device from Germany that is really helping with electromagnetic sensitivity, pain, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other neurological disorders.

Dr. Hillary and Ted cover electro-smog (the proliferation of atmospheric electro-magnetic signals that interfere with the body's natural electrical communication system), accelerated healing, the extensive research on PEMFT done at Columbia University and other prestigious research organizations, what conditions are optimally treated with PEMFT, and how the device is used during a session.


The Basics Of Head Trauma & NCR

About This Video:

Dr. Hillary gives a simple 6 minute introduction to the basics of how to treat the effects of head trauma with NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR). She covers the three classes of concussion, the leading causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI), who is most at risk for TBI (men, children and teens, athletes, and military personnel) and why, statistics about TBI, common treatments, and why NCR improves the fluid dynamics in the head and neck to improve the neurological function of the body.


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