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Chronic Pain, Migraine Headaches

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Andi's Condition:

Although Andi suffered from chronic pain due to a car accident, she'd always experienced migraine headaches, and chronic sinusitis as a result of childhood trauma.

Treatment Results:

Andi is enjoying greatly improved breathing and sleep, as well as complete freedom from chronic hip and back pain and headaches.


In Andi's Words:

Dr. Lampers and Neuro-Cranial Medicine saved my life. I could barely walk or sit or sleep. The pain was diagnosed as "Chronic Pain" from a previous car accident. Plus I have always suffered from migraine headaches, chronic sinus problems as a result of head trauma from falls during my childhood. My balance was impaired and my quality of life was non-existent. I was sleep deprived and depressed.

I can now breathe better, my chronic hip and back pain are gone, my headaches are improved, and I can sleep through the night without tossing and turning. Dr. Lampers is my angel. The procedure is amazing, easy and energizing as well as non-chemical.



Chronic Pain


Lindsay's Condition:

Lindsay suffered from chronic pain due to misalignment of posture.

Treatment Results:

Lindsay's posture improved dramatically as the result of the treatment, not only relieving her pain but give her a sense of renewed energetic vitality.



Chronic Illness, Hypothyroid^ Hashimoto's Thyroid, Immunity , Stress

Sarah's Condition:

Slow Thyroid function as a result of Autoimmune condition and stress.

Treatment Results:

Balanced Thyroid and stress response

In Sarah's Words:

Dry eyes, bloating, anxiety attacks, asthma attacks, or hot flashes
are common symptoms felt by many people at some point in their lives. Often we think of these as being related to stress. Dr. Katy's patient "Sarah" had a number of life events that were causing her quite a bit of stress with an increase in symptoms. She had always dealt well with stress in the past, but this was a little different. Labs were showing that Sarah's TSH was low, meaning her thyroid was overworking and she was becoming hyperthyroid. Medication to suppress her thyroid was recommended by her MD. Sarah wanted to avoid medication and came to Dr. Katy to discuss alternative options.

Dr. Katy and Sarah used a combination of herbs to help calm her thyroid while avoiding the side effects associated with the recommended medication. They did follow up testing and found that the issues with Sarah's thyroid were due to an autoimmune condition. This autoimmune condition is one where her own immune system attacks the thyroid. Often times, immune dysfunction can be because of an imbalance of the immune cells. Rebalancing the immune system with herbs to function normally. After 1 month of these treatments, the thyroid normalized and Dr. Katy and Sarah saw the TSH and thyroid hormones return to values within the normal range. Previously the antibodies were so high that is was not possible to get an accurate measure. The antibodies are down to almost normal levels after 6 months of treatment. There are no more
dry eyes, bloating, anxiety attacks, asthma attacks, or hot flashes and Sarah is feeling great. All of this was accomplished with a few supplements, herbs, and diet changes.


Chronic Pain, Head Injury, Neck Pain, Scoliosis

YVONNE: View 1

Yvonne's Condition:

Yvonne came to Dr. Hillary suffering chronic head, neck and shoulder pain from lifetime injuries - hitting her head as a child on the ice, a fall from a horse, etc - as well as repetitive stress injuries from her work as a court reporter.

Treatment Results:

After just her second session, Yvonne noticed that her debilitating lifetime pain was completely gone. Her completion of the initial treatment and an investment in three years of on-going NCR treatments, have kept her competitive at work and left her with more energy to travel.


In Yvonne's Words:

I feel I was a perfect candidate for NCR.

I started off in life with a 15% scoliosis. I also took a bad fall at 10 and 21, but seemed to be fine as I was pretty physically active. At 37, I started court reporting, which is very intense, but very sedentary. I started going through several things; tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica in hip, TMJ, neck and shoulder blade pain. Then in February 2007, I had a car accident and had to have surgery on my left foot. After a year long ordeal with surgery, I had a cast, boot, and physical therapy. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. It put my body so out of whack I couldn't correct it anymore with chiropractic or massage. By December I was taking three Aleve 3x a day, so in January I decided to try NCR with Dr Lampers.

On the first day my neck, shoulders, back, and hips, were all very sensitive to touch. I was in real pain. When I came back the second day I was still sore all over but after the procedure, when I walked out, I couldn't believe it, I had absolutely no pain, none! It is still amazing to me how fast it worked. I really know that this straightened out my structure and took the pressure off of all my muscles trying to pull it back into place. I did a couple follow-ups just to make sure it stayed in place.

It is now two and a half years later and I still have no pain, can do my job, and my mental attitude is better. For anyone who has had a history like mine, I would definitely recommend this procedure.



Chronic Pain, Sports-Related Injury

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Zach's Condition:

Like many pro-level athletes, Zach suffered from numerous sport-related maladies including chronic pain.

Treatment Results:

Zach's ongoing treatments have allowed him to train longer, recover quickly and stay healthy.


In Zach's Words:

As an eight year veteran of the USA Cycling Team and two-time World Championship Medalist, I continually battled with various leg, back, and neck pains. Chronic bronchitis and pronated foot issues forced me to seek alternatives to standard physical therapies and food supplements.

After discovering NCR, my ability to stay healthy, recover quickly and train longer was significantly enhanced. Discovering NCR has changed my life completely and I feel like my ultimate goals are more achievable than ever before! I highly recommend this treatment for athletes, especially those at the highest level of competition.


Andi Chronic Pain, Migraine Headaches

Lindsay Chronic Pain

Sarah Chronic Illness, Hypothyroid^ Hashimoto's Thyroid, Immunity , Stress

Yvonne Chronic Pain, Head Injury, Neck Pain, Scoliosis

Zach Chronic Pain, Sports-Related Injury

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