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Head Injury

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Ali's Condition:

As a result of a childhood head injury, Ali was suffering from a severely curved spine which resulted in breathing difficulty and chronic pain.

Treatment Results:

Ali has not only recovered body alignment to the point of being pain free most of the time, but also has an easier time with walking/movement and can breathe more easily from her nostrils, resulting in better sleep.


In Ali's Words:

I had a 47-degree curve in my spine, from a head injury as a child resulting in pretty constant pain and difficulty breathing. I've spent my life addressing this pain with chiropractic, yoga, and massage but always felt that I had to keep it up or I would back slide. NCR changed my life. I am pain free most of the time, can take long walks without my pelvis hurting and the body work Dr Lampers does to accompany the NCR is extraordinarily helpful. I can breath easily from both nostrils and sleep so much better than before. Dr Lampers is kind and gentle, and was fabulous at leading me through my fears of this therapy. I believe she was put here to help people, and the medium she has chosen is perfect for her. I have never felt better and for this I am deeply grateful!



Chronic Pain, Migraine Headaches

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Andi's Condition:

Although Andi suffered from chronic pain due to a car accident, she'd always experienced migraine headaches, and chronic sinusitis as a result of childhood trauma.

Treatment Results:

Andi is enjoying greatly improved breathing and sleep, as well as complete freedom from chronic hip and back pain and headaches.


In Andi's Words:

Dr. Lampers and Neuro-Cranial Medicine saved my life. I could barely walk or sit or sleep. The pain was diagnosed as "Chronic Pain" from a previous car accident. Plus I have always suffered from migraine headaches, chronic sinus problems as a result of head trauma from falls during my childhood. My balance was impaired and my quality of life was non-existent. I was sleep deprived and depressed.

I can now breathe better, my chronic hip and back pain are gone, my headaches are improved, and I can sleep through the night without tossing and turning. Dr. Lampers is my angel. The procedure is amazing, easy and energizing as well as non-chemical.



Chronic Back Pain, Depression, Headache^ , Misalignment

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Donna's Condition:

Headaches, spinal misalignment, and back pain plagued Donna. She was looking for an alternative to the traditional care.

Treatment Results:

Donna not only has less headaches, improved posture, and diminished back pain, notice how dramatically different she looks!


In Donna's Words:

I first found out about NCR from another patient who has undergone 7 years of continuing NCR sessions.  I have had head pain from occipital headaches for some time now, and also my spine wasn't staying stable enough with other treatments.  Going to a chiropractor several times a week to begin with and even just once weekly was getting to costly, only to have myself to go back out of alignment sometimes immediately afterwards.  I also underwent AtlasPro and Blair Upper cervical which also helped, but STILL wasn't permanent enough.

As a tot, I got kicked in the face by a horse, which almost killed me.  Since then has been other falls, minor car accidents, and the last few years of constant falling and slipping on ice, where I would fall backwards and hit my head everytime.

So the search began, in earnest, for hopefully something that would stabilize me once and for all.

This is the treatment I had done for my headaches, spine and structure. My chiropractic adjustment were just not holding, so I needed something that would ensue great change. This was it. I'm going for more sessions as $$$ permit. This is my first session of 4 days of seeing Dr. Hillary Lampers. If you notice in the after pic of my first session, my facial compression pain is almost gone on the after pic. Not only that, but my nose came a little forward at the top, my eyes are a bit more even, and my palate came forward. I didn't have an increase in height in this session, but it's possible in future sessions. I was actually in pain in the before picture, and the face demeanor reflects it. The after pic shows the improvement in the facial symmetry in FOUR days of the first NCR session. The photographer said in the after picture to look serious, so these are not glamour shots. So I was not pissed off.

The second session was also just as powerful.  My cheekbones and palate came forward more, and my face is already looking like I did when I was younger.  I'm also starting to look more like my sisters, now that my face and head are normalizing.  I also gained an inch in height on the second session, as you can see from face on, where the grid lines go through from the back of my head.  The grid didn't move, I did.  I was standing in the same place exactly as in the before and first session pics.

These are proof that NCR CAN and DOES change the physical structure.    


Chronic Sinusitis, Migraine Headaches

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Jeff's Condition:

Jeff had suffered from chonic sinusitis and head pressure for years, but his condition was worsening before his treatment - including frequent headaches.

Treatment Results:

Not only did Jeff's energy return after being able to breathe more easily, resulting in better sleep, but his balance greatly improved - an important skill required to compensate for his blindness.


In Jeff's Words:

 I've been suffering from head pressure and sinus problems for years, but had just gotten use to it. The pressure in my sinuses and throughout my head was constant and I was able to just ignore it, but occasionally it kept me from enjoying life as much as I wanted. For the last several months my problems had worsened. I was experiencing more frequent headaches, and my sinuses were so stuffed. I had become a mouth breather. The mouth breathing made it so I wasn't getting enough oxygen, waking up with a soar throat most nights, not being able to smell anything, and the least of my problems, but a bother... constant chapped lips.

After just the first of my four treatments I saw surprising changes. I was able to breathe through my nose again, thus stopping the constant mouth breathing, and my sense of smell had come back. Another thing I must share is that I'm blind and have very little feeling in my feet, thus my balance has been less than perfect for years, but on the second day when I returned for my second treatment, Dr. Hillary pointed out to me that my balance had improved, and after my forth treatment it has markedly improved. Although I originally went to See Dr. Hillary because of my head pressure and sinus issues, which are both no longer a problem, I received more benefits than I realized I would.

When you see my before and after pictures you'll see how that just after four treatments in four days so much has improved. I have more energy, and the adjusting of my skull has somehow given me a sense of well being which had been lacking for a while... I'm even happier than I usually am, and I was a pretty upbeat person to begin with; even my friends have noticed a difference.

I thank my friend for introducing me to Dr. Hillary, and I especially thank Dr. Hillary for changing my life. I wouldn't have ever thought that my life, and body structure could be changed so dramatically after just four days, but the proof is in how I feel, and for anyone reading this, it can be seen in my before and after pictures!



Neck Pain

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Karen's Condition:

Karen was suffering from neck pain and a loss of range of motion, as well as general malaise from pain.

Treatment Results:

Her neck alignment was brought back to normal, greatly reducing her neck pain. In addition, her range of motion was increased and she was reinvigorated energetically.


In Karen's Words:

Thank you so much for what you have done for me regarding my health.  I am feeling so much better, especially my neck.  My range of motion is quite good and I have much less pain. I am so pleased with my treatments, and I hope to come back for more. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Facial Pain, Migraine Headaches

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Kathy's Condition:

Kathy's facial pain, sinus pressure, headaches and tightness of neck and shoulders was so severe that her dentist told her she had temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and would need oral surgery.

Treatment Results:

After the first session, Kathy experienced almost complete relief from all of her symptoms and was able to sleep for the first time in months. Continued treatment has completely eliminated her facial pain and pressure, and has greatly increased her overall vitality and health.


In Kathy's Words:

I found Dr. Lampers on the Internet. I was having severe facial pain, pressure and headaches not to mention my neck and shoulders were so tight they felt like bricks. I was told by my dentist that I had TMJ and should have oral surgery. I was thinking there has to be something else. So I started searching the Internet for TMJ, and through some links found Dr. Lampers. I made an appointment.

In the meantime I read everything I could about NCR. I wanted so much for this to work, I was desperate for some relief and didn't want to have surgery or take pain pills. I explained to my mom what I was about to do and asked her to join me through the process as an observer. We both went to orientation and listened as Dr Lampers explained everything. What she said all made complete sense.

My experience with Dr Lampers and NCR has been far better than I ever expected. Within the first session my symptoms were almost gone. The pain and pressure in my head was gone and my neck and shoulders loosened up. I slept for the first time in months.

I have had 3 sessions with Dr Lamers in the last 2 years, and I feel great! I no longer have pain and pressure in my face, I rarely have a headache, the TMJ is practically gone, and I sleep great. I want to Thank you!!!! Dr. Lampers, your NCR process has changed my life for the better. I truly don't know where I would be if I had not have found you.



Facial Pain, Migraine Headaches

Kimberly's Condition:

Kimberly came into treatment suffering from severe chronic head pain and compression that had caused her blinding migraine headaches for years.

Treatment Results:

Kimberly's first treatment resulted in a profound shift in her vitality - releasing her from decades of sudden migraine pain. Subsequent treatments have completely eliminated her symptoms.

In Kimberly's Words:

I sat in her treatment room averting my eyes from the white grid on the wall with uniform black squares wreaking havoc on my eyes. Dr. Hillary stated she could not describe for me what I would experience for everyone was different. For the same reason, she could not promise release from the stabbing pain of migraines that had plagued me for the past quarter century. Migraines that crippled me with pain up to six-days a week - sent me home from work when a cookie offered at lunch-break unexpectedly contained artificial sweetener and blind-sided me with pain 20-minutes later; kept me in bed on Saturday mornings when my family went out to play; caused me to medicate and then grin-and-bear-it through a dinner date to not miss a rare opportunity to be alone with my spouse.

Medical doctors had offered all the pain relief medications at their disposal and thereby greatly reduced the intensity and duration. Chiropractors had worked for years to alleviate the chronic tension in my neck and spine and decrease frequency. An Acupuncture Doctor worked diligently without notable improvement. A Naturopath ran tests and discovered hormonal imbalances which, when treated, also reduced frequency to a couple of episodes a week that I was successfully medicating away to continue daily functioning. But the source of the stabbing pain behind my right eye continued to elude everyone.

During orientation, the previous week, Hillary showed me a picture of the bone in the center of my skull she would be adjusting. I stopped her as I spotted, what appeared to me to be, the back of my eye-socket and asked, "Is it possible you will somehow relieve the pressure HERE with what you are proposing?" She watched me recoil from the sliver of sunlight coming through the window and change seats before she reiterated that she could make no promises but that would be the hope.

That glimmer of hope is what I coupled with my desperation and carried into that first appointment for what proved to be an adjustment of a lifetime. A whole load of courage is what I added for the following three days to submit myself to trust this peaceful, compassionate and competent woman to continue the work we had started together.

I spent nearly two-days in shock after my first treatment where my skull broke loose from decades of tension. Somehow this tiny lady had used a little balloon to generate the pressure of what, to me, felt like the cleat of a 250-pound soccer player slowly grinding his heal into the side of my face until my skull gave way. Yet, in that moment, excruciating as it was, I knew I was profoundly changed - for the light no longer caused me to cringe. The exposed bulb in the simplest of lamps no longer held the power of Kryptonite to bring me to my knees in fear of another migraine.

The glimmer of hope grew to the beginnings of a dream for what the second forty-years of my life might look like without chronic pain. Thank you, Hillary, for sharing your gift of healing with me.



Chronic Illness, Hypothyroid^ Hashimoto's Thyroid, Immunity , Stress

Sarah's Condition:

Slow Thyroid function as a result of Autoimmune condition and stress.

Treatment Results:

Balanced Thyroid and stress response

In Sarah's Words:

Dry eyes, bloating, anxiety attacks, asthma attacks, or hot flashes
are common symptoms felt by many people at some point in their lives. Often we think of these as being related to stress. Dr. Katy's patient "Sarah" had a number of life events that were causing her quite a bit of stress with an increase in symptoms. She had always dealt well with stress in the past, but this was a little different. Labs were showing that Sarah's TSH was low, meaning her thyroid was overworking and she was becoming hyperthyroid. Medication to suppress her thyroid was recommended by her MD. Sarah wanted to avoid medication and came to Dr. Katy to discuss alternative options.

Dr. Katy and Sarah used a combination of herbs to help calm her thyroid while avoiding the side effects associated with the recommended medication. They did follow up testing and found that the issues with Sarah's thyroid were due to an autoimmune condition. This autoimmune condition is one where her own immune system attacks the thyroid. Often times, immune dysfunction can be because of an imbalance of the immune cells. Rebalancing the immune system with herbs to function normally. After 1 month of these treatments, the thyroid normalized and Dr. Katy and Sarah saw the TSH and thyroid hormones return to values within the normal range. Previously the antibodies were so high that is was not possible to get an accurate measure. The antibodies are down to almost normal levels after 6 months of treatment. There are no more
dry eyes, bloating, anxiety attacks, asthma attacks, or hot flashes and Sarah is feeling great. All of this was accomplished with a few supplements, herbs, and diet changes.


Sports-Related Injury, Chronic Back Pain

STEVE: View 1

Steve's Condition:

After an injury in a gym, Steve began to suffer chronic back pain that was not easing after physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and medical treatment.

Treatment Results:

Not only did Steve receive complete relief from his back pain of three years, but he also experienced better open breathing through his left nostril which has allowed for more energy and better vitality.


In Steve's Words:

 For over 3 years I suffered with chronic back pain that started after a trip to the gym. It felt as if the muscles on my right side were in this big knot.  I decided to take a week off from the gym and a week turned into month, which turned into a year and now 3 years later and after getting physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and the MD's and still no relief.

I learned about Dr. Lampers from a friend who had seen her, so I decided to go to the free information night. I then scheduled an appointment for the next day. I was not only treated with one Doctor but two, and not just for 15-20 minute session but these ladies spent really quality time with me.

I have to say that even after the first treatment I was able to breath out of the left side of my nose for the first time in years!! After the 3rd treatment I felt my shoulders rolling back and everything coming back into alignment. This was an amazing experience for me. I have been in constant pain for over 3 years and now it was almost gone. I really feel things moving in my body, it's just incredible.

These ladies not only spent quality time with me but they really cared.


Ali Head Injury

Andi Chronic Pain, Migraine Headaches

Donna Chronic Back Pain, Depression, Headache^ , Misalignment

Jeff Chronic Sinusitis, Migraine Headaches

Karen Neck Pain

Kathy Facial Pain, Migraine Headaches

Kimberly Facial Pain, Migraine Headaches

Sarah Chronic Illness, Hypothyroid^ Hashimoto's Thyroid, Immunity , Stress

Steve Sports-Related Injury, Chronic Back Pain

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