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Sierra's Condition:

Prior to NCR Sierra had a severe lower back scoliosis that she had been treated with for over a year with no benefit.

Treatment Results:

Sierra's scoliosis has changed dramatically, she is more active, and happier!


In Sierra's Words:

This testimonial was written by Danielle, Sierra's mother.  It is long, but tells a good story of how many children with scoliosis are treated, and how NCR is s very successful treatment for it. 

My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis on July 27, 2009, when she was 11 years old as part of a normal yearly examination. At that time her thoracic curve was 29 degrees, her lumbar curve was 45 degrees and her pediatrician referred her to see an orthopedic physician. He told us that her curves would continue to worsen, that nothing could be done to prevent it and that when they reached 50 degrees surgery was our only option! When I asked if there were any non-surgical interventions that we could try and I was told "no" with an eye roll and we were scheduled for a follow-up appointment in 4 months. I left broken hearted but convinced that there must be another way to help my child. We saw two other physicians who told me that the first doctor was right and we should do what he said with only a minimal examination. None of the three doctors gave me any hope of alternatives to watching and waiting then eventual surgery.
We continued to follow up with the orthopedic surgeon over the next year while her x-rays continued to show curve progression until July 2010 when he told us that her thoracic curve was now 44 degrees and her lumbar curve was now 52 degrees and since she had passed the magic 50 degree number it was now time for surgery which he wanted me to schedule over her upcoming Christmas break of 2010....
At this time I was working as a pediatric nurse and knew the impact of surgery especially a surgery of this extent so I was still desperate to find another way. My daughter was very active and was not having any pain, nor were her curves noticeable or impacting her life in any way so I would not put her through such an invasive surgery to possibly prevent a future problem. Through a lot of research I found very little options, some people recommend bracing but most do not, mostly these children are just told to wait until surgery is necessary.
In October 2010 I found out about an organization called the CLEAR Institute which is a group of chiropractors who claim to have a non-surgical treatment option for scoliosis. I felt very lucky at the time to find out that the only CLEAR Institute chiropractor in my state was only 5 minutes from our house so we quickly began treatment with him thrilled to finally have found an alternative.
My daughter endured 10 months of very difficult and painful visits which included being put into a scoliosis chair that used large straps that would pull her head up and her curves in the opposite direction in an attempt to help her body to know where it should be which hurt her a great deal. She was also expected to do 2 hours of his prescribed exercises at home every day which included rolling on her back on a large and hard roll of Styrofoam and standing on a balancing disk with 10 pounds of weights on her head and up to 25 pounds of weights around her waist. She was no longer able to participate in any of the activities that she loved or even in PE at school. He controlled everything she did from what activities she could do, what position she slept in, how she sat, how she stood, and what she ate. She was miserable and to make it worse I was not able to get accurate information from him about her progress, he would give me conflicting information, be evasive when confronted about it and would rarely give me any written reports that I requested, and it was never clear what if any curve correction was happening. During the 10 months she went there my daughter began to have a lot of pain, missed a lot of school and was miserable. It was becoming more and more clear that this was not the answer we were looking for but thinking that surgery was our only option I felt we had no other choice but to keep going.
After a very terrible day with this chiropractor I had a random conversation with a man I had never met before at a lunch table that happened to lead to scoliosis. When he told me about his friend Dr. Hillary Lampers who was a naturopath who had some success treating scoliosis with NCR. I knew nothing about NCR at the time but was quickly interested and within hours was researching it with excitement. I spoke to several patients who had received the treatment who were happy with their results and in depth with Dr. Lampers and was sure this was something I wanted to try so I then presented the idea to my daughter who was 13 at the time. I explained to her that I wanted her to see this doctor who was going to put a balloon up her nose but that I really thought it could help her and to my shock she said "ok". She would have done anything to not go back to the chiropractor!
On October 20, 2011 she did her first NCR session. She was nervous but willing, and after the first day she said it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Now my daughter has had 4 NCR treatments and she always looks forward to going.
After having NCR treatments my daughter now is mostly pain free, is riding horses again, and is involved in martial arts but most importantly she is happy. She is no longer being constantly reminded of her scoliosis by painful doctor visits, painful exercises and strict guidelines and her curves have reduced a visible amount.
I feel very blessed to have found NCR. Hillary is an angel who came into our lives and did what everyone told me was impossible, she helped my baby, she saved her from a very painful surgery, she helped her to be a very happy and healthy 14 year old who can now go weeks without even thinking about scoliosis.. she can now just be a kid!!

Sierra Scoliosis

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