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Head Injury

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Ali's Condition:

As a result of a childhood head injury, Ali was suffering from a severely curved spine which resulted in breathing difficulty and chronic pain.

Treatment Results:

Ali has not only recovered body alignment to the point of being pain free most of the time, but also has an easier time with walking/movement and can breathe more easily from her nostrils, resulting in better sleep.


In Ali's Words:

I had a 47-degree curve in my spine, from a head injury as a child resulting in pretty constant pain and difficulty breathing. I've spent my life addressing this pain with chiropractic, yoga, and massage but always felt that I had to keep it up or I would back slide. NCR changed my life. I am pain free most of the time, can take long walks without my pelvis hurting and the body work Dr Lampers does to accompany the NCR is extraordinarily helpful. I can breath easily from both nostrils and sleep so much better than before. Dr Lampers is kind and gentle, and was fabulous at leading me through my fears of this therapy. I believe she was put here to help people, and the medium she has chosen is perfect for her. I have never felt better and for this I am deeply grateful!


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