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Facial Pain, Migraine Headaches

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Kathy's Condition:

Kathy's facial pain, sinus pressure, headaches and tightness of neck and shoulders was so severe that her dentist told her she had temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and would need oral surgery.

Treatment Results:

After the first session, Kathy experienced almost complete relief from all of her symptoms and was able to sleep for the first time in months. Continued treatment has completely eliminated her facial pain and pressure, and has greatly increased her overall vitality and health.


In Kathy's Words:

I found Dr. Lampers on the Internet. I was having severe facial pain, pressure and headaches not to mention my neck and shoulders were so tight they felt like bricks. I was told by my dentist that I had TMJ and should have oral surgery. I was thinking there has to be something else. So I started searching the Internet for TMJ, and through some links found Dr. Lampers. I made an appointment.

In the meantime I read everything I could about NCR. I wanted so much for this to work, I was desperate for some relief and didn't want to have surgery or take pain pills. I explained to my mom what I was about to do and asked her to join me through the process as an observer. We both went to orientation and listened as Dr Lampers explained everything. What she said all made complete sense.

My experience with Dr Lampers and NCR has been far better than I ever expected. Within the first session my symptoms were almost gone. The pain and pressure in my head was gone and my neck and shoulders loosened up. I slept for the first time in months.

I have had 3 sessions with Dr Lamers in the last 2 years, and I feel great! I no longer have pain and pressure in my face, I rarely have a headache, the TMJ is practically gone, and I sleep great. I want to Thank you!!!! Dr. Lampers, your NCR process has changed my life for the better. I truly don't know where I would be if I had not have found you.


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