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Facial Pain, Migraine Headaches

Kimberly's Condition:

Kimberly came into treatment suffering from severe chronic head pain and compression that had caused her blinding migraine headaches for years.

Treatment Results:

Kimberly's first treatment resulted in a profound shift in her vitality - releasing her from decades of sudden migraine pain. Subsequent treatments have completely eliminated her symptoms.

In Kimberly's Words:

I sat in her treatment room averting my eyes from the white grid on the wall with uniform black squares wreaking havoc on my eyes. Dr. Hillary stated she could not describe for me what I would experience for everyone was different. For the same reason, she could not promise release from the stabbing pain of migraines that had plagued me for the past quarter century. Migraines that crippled me with pain up to six-days a week - sent me home from work when a cookie offered at lunch-break unexpectedly contained artificial sweetener and blind-sided me with pain 20-minutes later; kept me in bed on Saturday mornings when my family went out to play; caused me to medicate and then grin-and-bear-it through a dinner date to not miss a rare opportunity to be alone with my spouse.

Medical doctors had offered all the pain relief medications at their disposal and thereby greatly reduced the intensity and duration. Chiropractors had worked for years to alleviate the chronic tension in my neck and spine and decrease frequency. An Acupuncture Doctor worked diligently without notable improvement. A Naturopath ran tests and discovered hormonal imbalances which, when treated, also reduced frequency to a couple of episodes a week that I was successfully medicating away to continue daily functioning. But the source of the stabbing pain behind my right eye continued to elude everyone.

During orientation, the previous week, Hillary showed me a picture of the bone in the center of my skull she would be adjusting. I stopped her as I spotted, what appeared to me to be, the back of my eye-socket and asked, "Is it possible you will somehow relieve the pressure HERE with what you are proposing?" She watched me recoil from the sliver of sunlight coming through the window and change seats before she reiterated that she could make no promises but that would be the hope.

That glimmer of hope is what I coupled with my desperation and carried into that first appointment for what proved to be an adjustment of a lifetime. A whole load of courage is what I added for the following three days to submit myself to trust this peaceful, compassionate and competent woman to continue the work we had started together.

I spent nearly two-days in shock after my first treatment where my skull broke loose from decades of tension. Somehow this tiny lady had used a little balloon to generate the pressure of what, to me, felt like the cleat of a 250-pound soccer player slowly grinding his heal into the side of my face until my skull gave way. Yet, in that moment, excruciating as it was, I knew I was profoundly changed - for the light no longer caused me to cringe. The exposed bulb in the simplest of lamps no longer held the power of Kryptonite to bring me to my knees in fear of another migraine.

The glimmer of hope grew to the beginnings of a dream for what the second forty-years of my life might look like without chronic pain. Thank you, Hillary, for sharing your gift of healing with me.

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  1. Michele Tamura said:

    This really made me more comfortable about doing the NCR treatment this weekend with Dr. Strong, I am so glad that it has helped you significantly.

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