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Personalized Naturopathic Care

How Are You Battling Stress?

 Most patients are seeking care when they are not well. In today's world, stress is the number one reason people are not able to 1) Improve their health or 2) have no motivation to improve their health.

Life cannot be completely stress free, and our bodies are naturally set up to deal with it. The endocrine (hormonal) and nervous system are constantly keeping us in balance - secrete a little adrenaline there, a little cortisol there, wake us up, put us to sleep, etc. What we are seeing today, however, is a health crisis of epic proportions due to our over-stressed and underactive lifestyles. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers- most have origins that begin with lifestyle choices, and are exacerbated by stress.

As Naturopathic doctors, our goal is to treat the cause, not the symptom, and we believe in accountability. I strive to educate and learn from each and every patient I meet. Docere, or "Doctor as Teacher", means that we too have to live up to the principles that are shared with our patients. I too must be dedicated to my own health

Our is goal is teaching that everyday  true vitality comes from the accomplishment of taking responsibility for our present actions and decreasing the burden on the already OVERSTRESSED system.We don't want you to be just a statistic. It is your responsibility to ask for help, and then utilize that help to make better choices.  It has become clear that each choice we make to improve our daily situation, improves the lives of those around us.

What is your intuitive health meter telling you? Are you overly stressed, overweight, chronically exhausted, and overwhelmed? Do you want to change your situation, but don't know how to stay focused, and where to get the energy? The preventive healthcare market has exploded with information and educational tools on how to decrease stress and improve quality of life but, the truth is, without SUPPORT and PRACTICE these tools become nothing more than a book on your shelf. Here at Sky Valley Healing Arts we are dedicated to supporting your change, and have effective programs to do so. Whether you need the complete overhaul, or just a little push in the right direction, our clinic offers the support you are looking for.


More Info: The Naturopathic Principles

The Naturopathic Principles

We are dedicated to optimizing function and creating long lasting health in our patients. The Naturopathic principles are at the core of our philosophy, and with that we focus on finding the root cause of disease and not just treating symptoms.


More Info: GI Restoration

GI Restoration

Inflammation is the underlying condition responsible for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, as well as depression and other debilitating mental conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. The gut is the first line of defense in the fight against the deadly inflammatory conditions that contribute to these diseases. GI resoration improves function by removing allergens, harmful bacteria, or pathogens, replacing healthy bacteria, and restoring function of the gut wall with improved nutritional and supplemental protocols.

Dr Hillary uses state of the art GI testing that can pinpoint where much of your problems may be starting. In conjunction with Naturopathic Neurology, GI Restoration can significantly improve health and increase disease prevention!

Specialized Testing Services:

Brain Chemistry Analysis
Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxicant Testing
Gastrointestinal Profiles
Nutrient Testing
Complete Biochemical Profiles
ADHD/Autism Panels

More Info: Costs, Referrals, Appointments and Insurance

Costs, Referrals, Appointments and Insurance


The ND's at SVHA are open to working with your existing providers to make your health care experience the best it can be. Dr. Katy Koukouras can do blood draws, send out for labs, and refer for brain SPECT, MRI, or CT scan if applicable.

Cost For Naturopathic Services

 Dr.  Katy Koukouras is an in- network provider for all insurance EXCEPT Group Health.  Please understand your insurance and what your benefits are, as this will help you to make a more informed decision before scheduling.  Dr. Katy also has a sliding cash scale for patients without insurance, please call the office to discuss these.  

Dr. Hillary is not contracted with insurance companies, and is not currently taking  ND patients at this time. 

Many labs are contracted with insurance and do not require seeing a doctor who is in network.  We will work with you to find the lab that will work with your insurance, keeping the out of pocket expense to a minimum. We offer blood draw in the clinic at the time of your appointment if it is so needed. 

We accept cash, check, VISA, MC, or Discover. Insurance invoices will be provided for you to submit with all office calls. 

Skype & Phone Appointments

Many of our Naturopathic services can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a phone or a computer! We however CANNOT diagnose you during these appointments or provide an insurance invoice. If you are dealing with more challenging health considerations, an office appointment is the only way to diagnose your condition, due to the need for physical exam. Diagnosis is not required for any lab work or special collections, however it is required for insurance reimbursement.

Skype is a FREE way to talk via the internet. To learn more about Skype, click here.

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More Info: How Are You Battling Stress?

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