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Dr. Katy Koukouras, ND, EAMP, LAc

Dr. Katy Koukouras, ND, EAMP, LAc, Acupuncture

SPECIALTIES: Acupuncture, Personalized Naturopathic Care

LOCATIONS: Snohomish, WA

P 360-863-2152

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Dr. Koukouras earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a masters in acupuncture and East Asian medicine from Bastyr Universtity. Dr. Koukouras is a comprehensive clinician completing specialty internships in Environmental Medicine, oncology, HIV/AIDS, IV therapy, women's health, and fertility treatments. She offers a variety of services including acupuncture, IV therapy, Chinese and Western herbal medicine, annual exams and physicals, craniosacral therapy, and preventative medicine and disease management.

She has been passionate about medicine most of her life and feels lucky to be able to work in this field.  Her philosophy is that a primary care physician should be someone who helps you to identify and achieve your healthcare goals and she is here to do just that.  Whether it is to complete your annual exam and check up or to help you to navigate the medical system for the best treatment of your chronic disease, she is here to help.  She is a bright and thorough physician who uses her extensive education to care for the wellness of the whole person as naturally as possible.

Dr Koukouras is contracted with most insurance companies (with exception of Group Health) which is an exciting edition to Sky Valley Healing Arts!

Away from the office, she enjoys the outdoors.  Raised between Banff, Canada and California, she has an immense appreciation for both winter and summer sports.  She is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, hiker, and just about anything that will get her into the mountains.  Surfing and swimming in the ocean is also a passion born of her California side.  She currently lives here in Snohomish and is excited to bring her practice closer to home.

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Dr. Katy has been chosen as one of Seattle's Top Alternative Doctors for 2014!  

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